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How to draw Anime or Manga People

Artist: MAN9A / March 15, 2012
How to draw Anime or Manga People

Step 1.

Firstly start off with your basic structure. Think about the placement of the arms and legs. The head shape could be a circle, but you can make it into a 'triangular' shape.

Step 2.

Draw the shape of the head. The male head should be 'longer' than the female head, where that is more rounded.

Step 3.

From that draw the neck and start of the sholders.

Step 4.

Now draw the first arm, back,and front torso.

Step 5.

On draw the second arm. The back and start of the hips.

Step 6.

Draw her legs, notice that it falls further than the end point to create the start of the back heels.

Step 7.

Now draw his legs with the same process.

Step 8.

Draw the guidelines of their faces to help position the facial features.

Step 9.

Draw the features of her face: Eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Step 10.

Draw his facial features like step 10.

Step 11.

Draw in the Highlights.

Step 12.

Draw in the Highlights.

Step 13.

Start to draw in the hair.

Step 14.

Start to draw in the hair.

Step 15.

Hairband for her.

Step 16.

His hair could be spiky or curly whatever you choose.

Step 17.

I chose long hair for her to show her calm and flowing personality.

Step 18.

Start to draw the clothes.

Step 19.

Dont completely draw the skirt because the hand may get in the way.

Step 20.

Draw the rest of his trowsers/ jeans but dont draw the bottom for the shoes still need to be drawn. And draw his hands.

Step 21.

Draw the hands and feet, like step 20. dont completely draw the foot because the shoes still need to be drawn.

Step 22.

Draw the shoe's. Do trainer like shoes with a strap going across the top.

Step 23.

Draw pump like shoes for her.

Step 24.

Ink your final outcome.

Step 25.

Ink your final outcome.

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Artist: MAN9A
Date Added: March 15, 2012
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Tags: draw anime people
Description: This is my first tutorial, it will start from a basic structure and will gradually build up into an inked finish. Please comment on how I could inprove on future work and tutorials. Sorry about the bad quality images. Lets start.