How to Draw Anime Edward Cullen, Edward Cullen, Anime Edward


The first thing you want to do is make a circle for Edward's head and it is also going to be your canvas. Draw in the facial guides, and then make the neck line too.


Using the facial guidelines, slowly and neatly begin sketching out the eyes beginning with the crease for the lids, and then draw in the wispy eyelid lines that are sort of thick and bold. Draw in the actual shape of the eyes and then move to step th   


As you know the real Edward Cullen has a very chiseled structured face shape. Begin drawing out the face now using straight lines and edges. Incorporate the ear as well.


All you really have to do here is sketch out the sharp eyebrows which should also be thick, but not too thick in size. When that is complete, you can lightly sketch in the nose, and mouth as well as the actual pupils for the eyes. Detail inside of th   


What is one of the things that Edward Cullen is known for? If you said his hair, you're right. Sketch out the long, but pulled back hair and then sketch in the detailing strand lines. The actual outer lining of the hair should have a soft, wavy textu   


Almost done guys! Here you will draw in the neck, and then sketch out the lining for his jacket collar.


Finish sketching out Edward's jacket collar and then sketch in the shoulders and some more of his jacket. Add last minute detailing and clean up your sketch because this is the last step.


Here is your line art when you are done. Color him in and you have yourself an amazing drawing that looks great.

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September 28, 2011

Description: Let me dust myself off because I just got done uploading zombie Mario and all I’m doing now is taking a breather for a second while I gather my thoughts. Up next is another piece that my mom and I conjured up for the month of November. All of you Twilight Saga fans are going to only have to wait another month or so before you can sink your eyes into yet another chapter of a book that has gained a mob of screaming fans and die hard readers. The idea to make some of the main characters from the Twilight series into anime figures, was something I thought would be really, really cool. Since I like drawing in anime style I was really excited to do something like this. I tried really hard to make Edward look like Edward in anime style, and for the most part I think I succeeded. The eyebrows are thick and sort of dark, the hair is kind of long and combed back with a set of sideburns, and his signature expression and light caramel colored eyes finishes him off. Another wall that we had to knock down with our idea was whether or not to draw a full bodied anime Edward, or just the half styled drawing. In the end we decided that all people really care about is Edward’s face, and torso. I think you guys will fall in love with this concept as much as I did with the sketching aspect of it. So enjoy learning "how to draw anime Edward", and I will be back in a moment with more drawing fun.

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