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How to Draw an Embarrassed Anime Girl

Artist: fulldrckness / March 2, 2012
How to Draw an Embarrassed Anime Girl

Step 1.

frst we will start with some basic guidelines to locate where the head and body is.

Step 2.

Now we start drawing the head and body.

Step 3.

now we start drawing the clothes. you can use any type of clothing.

Step 4.

We finish drawing the clothes and start with the hair. You can use any tyoe of anime hairstyle

Step 5.

And now you start drawing the eyes,nose,eyebrows and mouth.

Step 6.

Now you have finish the drwing all thing to do is earase the guidlines and paint it.

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Artist: fulldrckness
Date Added: March 2, 2012
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Tags: draw anime, draw anime people
Description: Well just thinking what i was gonna draw and i thought of a anime girl but not the expresion, so i came up with an embarrassed anime hope it helps