How to Draw Pretty Anime, Pretty Anime

Artist: Dawn / August 8, 2011

Step 1.

Draw a circle for the head and then draw in the guides for the face and body like you see here. Since you will only be drawing her face and upper body, this should be a relatively easy female figure to draw.

Step 2.

Okay, lets start sketching out the shape of her face structure and then when that is done, draw in the slightly arched thick top eyelid lines like so. Sketch in some of her hair starting with the bangs.

Step 3.

Sketch in the shapes of her big eyes, and then draw in the eyebrows, mouth, small nose, and then some blush marks on her cheeks. See how easy this tutorial is so far?

Step 4.

Now that the face is all done, the best way to start this step is to sketch out the apple concept hat which looks exactly like the half of an apple. Draw in the stem, and then sketch out her long wavy locks which should also contain hair strand lines   

Step 5.

Continue to draw out the body by sketching out her right shoulder and then draw in her arms. When that is done draw in the chest which is nothing more than a bump for her left breast. Draw out the ruffled lined shirt, and then move to step six.

Step 6.

Okay guys, you will now finish drawing out the shirt by adding the straps, and then draw in the necklace as well as the apple pendant. Draw in some lining at the ends of the ruffles and then add some last minute detailing to the clothing like some wr   

Step 7.

For the last drawing step all you need to do is sketch out the rest of her body that is visible which is the waist and hips. Draw in some more of her hair that is hanging down her back, and then draw in the waist of her skirt. Erase the guides that y   

Step 8.

You are all done with this lesson on drawing pretty anime. Color her in to finish off the girl, and then you have just completed yet another tutorial on a lovely anime female with a fruit based concept.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 8, 2011
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Description: I told you guys that I was going to try and make some really cool anime style lessons and have the characters represent a type fruit. So far I have submitted a strawberry, and banana anime female. Today, I will show you "how to draw pretty anime", step by step. The pretty anime female figure that I drew is going to be based on the apple. I drew an apple topped hat, and a pretty apple pendant necklace. I also incorporated the color green that is almost always associated with the apple by coloring in her hair a nice lime green shade. To keep things neutral, her ruffled summer style top is a nice shade of pink. I wanted to create something that was stunning, pretty, adorable, and full of life. I think I succeeded with my attempt, and I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy drawing a pretty anime girl like the one you see here. Remember you can always tweak your art as you follow the steps throughout the lesson. If you want to change the hairstyle or maybe cut out a few things, go right ahead and do so to make the drawing your own. I want you guys to have fun as you "draw pretty anime" in this new drawing technique that I have been practicing for some time. Thanks guys, and I hope you enjoy this pretty tutorial.