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How to Draw Christmas Elves, Christmas Elves

Artist: Dawn / November 29, 2011
How to Draw Christmas Elves, Christmas Elves

Step 1.

Start with only one elf at a time. Draw a circle for the head and then a body and face guide. At this point, your elf should look like a lollipop.

Step 2.

For the next step, thicken the shape for the face like so, and then draw two shapes for the small eyes. Make the mouth and then draw in the pointed bangs.

Step 3.

Draw the elf's hat and be sure to add the ball at the tip, and then draw in the elven ears.

Step 4.

You will now start drawing out the body of the first elf. You will start with the arms, and then draw the torso, and legs.

Step 5.

You will now draw in the final detailing and you might want to remember what to do because you will be repeating the same step two more times with the other elves. Draw a V neck collar, add some candy cane stripes on the arms and legs, and then draw    

Step 6.

Lets start with the second elf. Draw the shape of the face, then draw in the one visible eye as well as a faint smile. Next, draw the bangs that is peaking through the lid of the pointed elf hat.

Step 7.

Next, draw the arms, and then draw the elf's body from the side view. As you can see the elf is taking a step forward.

Step 8.

Repeat the same step that you did when you completed the first elf. Draw in the V neck shirt collar, add some stripes on the sleeves and pants and then draw the belt.

Step 9.

It is now time to finish off this tutorial by drawing the third elf. Draw in the shape of the face and then draw the surprised expressive eyes, and even smaller round mouth. Make the bangs as well as the hat.

Step 10.

This will finish off the elf as far as body goes. Draw the arched back as well as butt, and then draw in the legs, arms and what is supposed to be feet.

Step 11.

For the last step, draw the same clothing detailing that you did for the other two elves. Erase the mistakes as well as guides that you drew along the way.

Step 12.

That is what I call a couple of cute Christmas elves. All that is left to do now is color them in to really finish them off. When you are done use your hard work to decorate something plain that could use some holiday cheer.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 29, 2011
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Description: Okay guys; are you all ready for something super cute? Today I will be showing you "how to draw Christmas elves", step by step and believe me you will have an awesome blast as you tackle this lesson. The elves that I drew for you are all adorable and they are all going to be amazingly easy to replicate. I guess this is what most people want because I have been getting tons and tons of requests to make a tutorial based on a group of Christmas elves that is easy to draw. I was thinking for a minute before I began the sketch because I wanted to make sure that the figures of the elves would be simple enough for anyone to enjoy. I think I succeeded because my eight year old sister was able to draw every single elf in the lesson. Of course it wasn’t perfect, but it still looked good enough to color in, and hang on the slider door window. Each elf is in a different pose and they are all going to make you smile as you draw each one. So go ahead and have a blast because there is no way you won’t. Have fun people and let me know if you like drawing Christmas elves.