How to Draw an Anime Girl


Make two shapes, one for the head and the other for the torso. Sketch in the facial guidelines then draw the body lines.


Begin sketching out the shape of the girl's face like so, then sketch out her long bangs.


You will now draw out the thick eyelids, then sketch out the eyes or their shapes.


Sketch out her head shape which is a circle, then draw in the short grungy style ponytails. When that is done you can add the nose, cheek marks and then the subtle mouth. Add some detailing to her hair as well.


In this step we will start sketching out the shoulders, then draw her chest/breasts. Add the detailing to the arm and collar bone area, then move along to step six.


Draw the other shoulder and both arms. Her arms are going down on a slant, and it also covers her torso.


As you can see the drawing is almost complete. You will sketch out her thighs, crotch and then proceed to step eight.


Lastly, draw the bra that covers her chest, then sketch in her belt, seam line on the crotch and then the belly button. Erase those mistakes and you are all done.


That's it, you have nothing else to do. Just color in your new anime girl drawing to bring this pretty face to life.

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February 25, 2014

Description: I don't know how to say it, but this anime figure is looking as sad as a school girl who had their lunch taken from them by a bunch of popular girls. Today is all about anime girls and drawing various figures in different poses. Here is a cool pose where you will be drawing an anime pose with your girl looking at you with puppy dog eyes. Anyways, I'm still unsure what I want to call this lesson but by the time you guys see it, it will already have a name.

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