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How to Draw a Hot Girl

Artist: Dawn / February 25, 2014
How to Draw a Hot Girl

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andrewtyrchapter · 3 years ago
Dawn · 3 years ago
andrewtyrchapter · 3 years ago
your welcome

KingSlayer20 · 4 years ago
:hai: :jawdrop: :speechless:
Dawn · 3 years ago
blondiebabie100 · 4 years ago
pewdiepie :singing:
HanSoloIAm13 · 4 years ago
This is not how real people look. also, she's not that hot. :angry:
TheOnlyBillCipher · 4 years ago
geez! i think she did a gr8 job. stingy.
Poisandra · 4 years ago
Yeah but its anime
bobbydoc · 4 years ago
:omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg:

Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 25, 2014
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Tags: how to draw anime girls, how to draw sexy girls
Description: I hope all you anime fans are ready to go on an adventure because I have four awesome, spicy tutorials on some pretty hot girls. I will start with this one on "how to draw a hot girl", step by step. When guys think of hot girls, there is only a couple things that come to mind; a big booty, nice frame, and a decent sized chest. Of course if a girl has an awesome body, guys don't care about what the face looks like too much. I don't know if it's because they are going out for the personality of the girl, or the body. I'd like to think that they are more focused on the person instead of the body, but we all know the truth so let's leave it at that. I think you will enjoy this lesson, especially if you have been waiting for some cool anime drawing tutorials. Adios folks.