How to Draw Beach Babe


This should be a swift lesson to tackle so let's get started. Begin by making the guides for the head and torso like so.


Next, begin sketching out the shape of your beach babe's face like so.


You will now tackle the task of drawing the eyes. Notice that the top lids are very thick and dark. Once the shapes of her eyes are drawn, you can draw the nose, mouth and blush marks on her cheeks.


Again I am going with a straight hair look. Having said that draw the bangs. The bangs that fall on her forehead between the eyes is kind of shaped like a rounded spear. Sketch in more of the hair that frames her face.


We are ready to draw her body. As with a lot of anime/manga babes, her breast are overly exaggerated but you don't have to draw them in that big. Sketch out the chest then draw the shoulder, and long arm. Her arm is going to be holding up her body as   


Begin sketching out the shape of her body which is in a semi laid down pose. Draw the back first, then sketch out the round part for her booty.


You can sketch in her hand which is resting on her stomach.


Draw both legs and when you do this you will be sketching out her thighs and lower legs.


Finish her head and hair by sketching out the shape of the head, then draw the ends of her locks. The ends of her hair is jagged to give her that sort of half wet/half dry look.


Lastly, add detailing to her stomach, then sketch in her bikini top and bottom. Erase the mistakes and guides you made from the beginning and along the way.


That's it, you're done. All you have to do is draw a nice beach scenery, and color in her bikini. I hope you had fun drawing an anime beach babe folks.

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February 25, 2014

Description: In hopes that summer will be here before I know it, I decided to make a lesson that will help my mind set think of the warm weather instead of this freezing spell that a lot of us are experiencing right now. As we speak I am snuggled up with wool socks on and a sweater even though it is 70 degrees in my home. Outside though it is only a mere 7 degrees. Holy cow, that is cold. To help keep me warm (besides the wool on my feet and sweater on my back), I think of the hot days and warm nights where I can work with a nice breeze coming through my window, after I had a day at the beach. Now, I'm no beach babe by all means, but learning how to draw a beach babe might help with living in this cold frozen weather where you feel like a Popsicle as soon as you step outside. Enjoy folks and as always you can tweak this concept any way you like.

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