How to Draw the Tree of Life

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Instead of starting out with a circle, all you will have to do is first sketch out the odd shapes that creates the holes or pockets to the empty spaces from the tree of life's design. It ends up looking like a pair of small lungs, an eyebrow, and jew   


Make smaller shapes or holes at the base of the image. This will be the roots or branches of the tree.


Begin sketching out the right side of the tree's branches and limbs like so. Notice how they stretch to the ground and begin intertwining with the existing branches.


For the last step you will sketch out all the branches, limbs, and twigs that are all connected to one another forming a ball like shape with the trunk of the tree in the center bringing them all together. This is the tree of life and you have drawn    


Here is the inked out version of the drawing you just made. I hoped you enjoyed this tut folks.

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February 9, 2014

Description: Here is a tattoo design that I have been seeing a lot of. It's a design of a tree that grows into itself. I think it's supposed to represent the recycling of life, hence this lesson on "how to draw the tree of life", step by step. I could have gone with a colorful concept, but since a lot of the tattooed images I see are in black, I chose to go with a black colored image. I know at first glance the tree looks a like it would be a little challenging to create, but it's actually not that bad. Just follow the steps and you will be on your way to drawing a tree of life of your own. So get to it and have fun doing it.

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