How to Draw an Inkling From Splatoon


Let us start out with some guides to form a frame for your Inkling. This should include a head, torso and all the limb guidelines.


Up next, use your facial guidelines to draw in the eyes, mouth and then nose.


Add the face shape and then draw in her squid like hair and then her headphones or muffs. I don't know exactly what she is wearing but they look like headphones.


Up next, draw the bar that is attached to the headphones like so, then add detailing to the outer parts of the muffs.


Now we can focus on her body. Start with the neck, then draw in the collar line for the shirt along with the arms, torso shape and design on her shirt.


Next, draw in her gloved hands which are in fists. Add the detailing to the tops of the gloves, and then you can move to step seven.


You will now draw in the female Inkling's weapon which happens to be a gun of sorts.


Here you will draw in her legs and sneakers. Then draw the line on the legs to create shorts. Add the laces to the shoes and move to step nine.


Lastly, draw in her pack on her back, then add some shading around and in the eyes. You can erase your mistakes and guidelines then you are all done.


Here is how your Inkling looks when you're done. Color her in and you can then show her off.

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May 31, 2015

Description: Proceeding on with more lessons on characters from the Nintendo game 'Splatoon'. Today, we will be learning how to draw an Inkling, step by step. In the game you can choose to be a male or female Inkling and since I am a girl, I chose to draw the female Inkling. All the Inklings come from Inkopolis and commonly females will be orange in color whereas the males are blue. Drawing this female Inkling from Splatoon isn't going to be as hard as it looks. If you are a fan of the game than I think you will like this lesson. Have fun and stick around because there are more tuts coming your way.

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