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Drawing a Splatoon Inkling

Artist: Jellyglove / December 17, 2015
Drawing a Splatoon Inkling

Step 1.

Draw the basic structure including the face and arms

Step 2.

We'll star off with the basic facial features

Step 3.

Now let's add some more detail

Step 4.

After that, erase the basic arms and add in the real ones

Step 5.

Let's start drawing the roller. For now we will just draw the handle

Step 6.

Now we can finally add his feet and pants and add his clothes brand on it

Step 7.

Now we can finish the roller by adding the actual roller AND his ink tank

Step 8.

Finally, let's give him some colour and put in the final details

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Jellyglove · 5 years ago
Thank you everyone! X3 :innocent:
Artist: Jellyglove
Date Added: December 17, 2015
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Tags: how to draw splatoon characters
Description: Today I'm going to be you how to draw an Inkling with a roller.