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How to Draw an Easy Fox

Artist: Fridgey / October 2, 2010
How to Draw an Easy Fox

Step 1.

First, let’s draw an outline for the fox’s body shape! One circle for the head and two for the body creates a general idea of fox’s structure so you’re able to draw some stick-like appendages for legs and a circle at each end to show the paw   

Step 2.

Next, start to draw the actual outline. Ears, eyes, a muzzle, and a more defined shape to the head really creates the fox’s face. You can also give the legs more shape. Expanding the width of the legs and attach the paws more firmly. The tail on a    

Step 3.

Almost done! Now we can add some details! Foxes have lots of fur, so you can draw some on the head and body or where ever you think it’d look best! Adding extras to the face like a nose, pupils, a mouth, and eyebrows really gives it character! Chan   

Step 4.

And there you go! Your very own fox! Give him some color and he’ll be looking really nice.

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Artist: Fridgey
Date Added: October 2, 2010
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Tags: draw easy, how to draw fox
Description: Here's something that's hopefully simple and fun to draw! Foxes are popular animals to draw and I thought it would be a good first tutorial to contribute to the site :) Hope you guys enjoy!