Wolf family

Artist: Wolfyx666 / September 14, 2017

Step 1.

draw a circle... a basic base

Step 2.

draw a cone snout.

Step 3.

Draw an ear

Step 4.

draw the cheeks to form the blank head

Step 5.

draw the face and a circle beside the head for the next wolf

Step 6.

Draw the pup's ear

Step 7.

draw the snout of the pup

Step 8.

draw the pup's face

Step 9.

finish the second head by adding the rest...

Step 10.

a third circle...

Step 11.

give the next pup ears

Step 12.

draw the majority of the pup's head

Step 13.

the pups face needs to be added or at least most of it...

Step 14.

finish with eyes

Step 15.

a more complicated baseline for brothers

Step 16.

draw the bigger wolf's ears

Step 17.

draw a depressed face XD

Step 18.

draw the littlest puppy

Step 19.

draw paws

Step 20.

finish the bigger wolf body

Step 21.

add details

Step 22.

remove base

Step 23.


Step 24.

colour/ color

Step 25.

add background

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Artist: Wolfyx666
Date Added: September 14, 2017
Steps: 25
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Tags: draw wolves, how to draw wolves
Description: a wolf family... in a Forrest...