How to do basic wolf poses

Artist: Sanswowie / August 10, 2017

Step 1.

As u can see the wolf is looking down at something. The head Is down as so is the tail. The shoulder Is back with the leg foreword. You have to do the angels right to perfect it.

Step 2.

Howling. As you can see the head is tilted at an angel as well as the ears. The paw is up, the tail is curved, and once again u have to make the angels just right to make is perfect.

Step 3.

Snarling. The ear is tilted back, legs and paws at angel, tail up, and once again angels have to be straight.

Step 4.

The head is tilted, legs and paws r under its chin, its tail is curved in a curvy/cuddly manner, and her snout is at an angel.

Step 5.

Normal pose. Her head is straight, her chest is out, tail up, hind legs back, and a slight angle with her ear. I hope you liked the tut! Post ur artwork, and please tell me what u think.

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