How to Draw an Amphithere dragon


So the head and line of motion very important, it will establish the rest of your dragon.But do not let it limit you. That is why people created erasers!


So the body of an Amphithere, long legless but with wings. This dragon compared to the others is probably not the best fighter, well unless it's in a dense closed in area. It also might be a better swimmer then the Wyvern and the Occidental. The Orie   


We can skip legs and go right to the wings! Placement is important.


And so the usual; scales, hair, feathers, ect... I kept the claws just in case anyone wanted to place claws on the 'skinned wing'.


So start with that wonderful line of motion or the head.


Now add in more details like where the wings are going to be positioned and then some of the head.


And then finish it up, by adding scales and color and such. Good luck drawing!

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April 1, 2012

Description: Well so this is my last one I need to upload yay! This dragon is hardly ever seen or heard about except in English heraldry, which really is a shame considering someone called it a dragon somewhere down the line. Anyway, for me these dragons while appearing to look like snakes with dragon heads, and wings, actually are more solid. Look up a snake skeleton, and you'll notice that the snake has no sternum. Well not that snakes aren't awesome, but imagine an animal landing from the sky without anything solid to land on. The dragon would be using muscle and ligments to catch itself if it used that method, assuming I understand biology right. So I would actually imagine that for flexiblity and for strength that The Amphithere would have multible sterna connecting only a few of the ribs all along the body but relitivly spaced out. which I think would give it more flexiblity then an animal with just one sternum connecting the majority of its ribs, but also gives it something other than its vital organs to land on. this also gives a place for the dragons' iconic belly plates to attach. I was experimenting with my colors and design for this dragon, thats why it has three different colors for the feathers. Criticism is welcome!

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