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How to Draw Amethyst

Artist: midone / May 31, 2016
How to Draw Amethyst

Step 1.

Start out by drawing a skeleton, or a base. Use a color other than black, like red or cyan.

Step 2.

Start working on the head, make sure to follow the guidelines!

Step 3.

Now, draw Amethyst's tank-top. It creases where the navel should be, so remember that.

Step 4.

Now draw the pants. Just draw 2 tube shapes.

Step 5.

Now, draw in her hands! Her hands shouldn't be thin and "feminine", her hands are the right size for her arms and wrists!

Step 6.

Now, draw the stars in her pants! They should be roughly the same.

Step 7.

Time to draw her hair! Her hair is very long, and kind of messy. Basically, think Greg's Hair.

Step 8.

Now, draw her eyes! Her eyes are kind of big, but they aren't giant.

Step 9.

Now, make her nose by drawing a parentheses shape and a diagonal dash.

Step 10.

Now, draw her lips! Her lips are two curves and a line in the middle.

Step 11.

Draw her gem now. The outside is a simple, cut-off circle with a cut-off hexagon. Draw lines connecting to the circle on the corners.

Step 12.

Now, delete the guideline layer. You are done, unless you want to...

Step 13.

...Color it! You can color it however you wish, i guess. And add effects and/or a background, it's all up to you!

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Artist: midone
Date Added: May 31, 2016
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Tags: how to draw steven universe characters
Description: Learn how to draw the gem who'll fight for the world she was made in! (FireAlpaca/GIMP/SAI recommended)