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How to Draw Illidan

Artist: Paulku / June 26, 2010
How to Draw Illidan

Step 1.

Take a paper, pencil, rubber and begin to draw. First of all choose in what pose will stand the character. Than I usually draw a "skelet" of it.

Step 2.

So I chose in what pose Illidan will stand and we're sketching the arms, head... all of his body.

Step 3.

Continue to sketching it. Draw clothes, hair.

Step 4.

And the last actions with the pencil: draw wings, twin blades and tattoos.

Step 5.

Take the black pen and make it color.

Step 6.

And the last step is to draw the shadow. Imagine the lamp anywhere and think where must be the shadow.

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Artist: Paulku
Date Added: June 26, 2010
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Tags: draw world of warcraft, how to draw wow characters, how to draw wow, draw wow
Description: How to draw Illidan from the MMORPG called World of Warcraft.