How to Draw Dovahkiin, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 17, 2012

Step 1.

First things first, we're going to need a base for our body, drawing an oval for the head, a rectangular shape for the chest and lines coming down for the arms.

Step 2.

We'll draw out the shape of his face as well as start in on his neck and his shoulders.

Step 3.

We're going to pay attention to his helm first, starting in by drawing the general shape of the helm including the cut out area where the eyes show through.

Step 4.

Then we'll add the details that are made during the forging process, making all the lines to show the different layers of metal as well as the rivets used to hold it together.

Step 5.

Then we'll add the details on the horns, lining each individual ridge on them and making them slightly rounded.

Step 6.

Now to add the details that are made during battle, making all the dents and scratches in the metal that one might get while fighting like say, a dragon.

Step 7.

Now we can get to work on drawing in the rest of our character. We're going to draw the eyes next, making them open and wide. We'll also draw the nose peeking out from under the tip of the helm.

Step 8.

Then we'll draw in the eyebrows and draw in all his hair, having it come out messily from under the helm.

Step 9.

Let's have him shouting, using his Thum, or his dragonborn voice. Make sure to draw in the shape for the teeth, lining each individual tooth isn't that important.

Step 10.

We'll start drawing in his armor, drawing in the upper portion that goes over his shoulder and across at the neck. He has bands that come down over his shoulders that holds on a chest piece which we will get to in the next step. We'll add a shield on   

Step 11.

Next comes the pauldrons and his chest pieces. His chest piece is sort of a square shape, curving in slightly on the sides. His pauldrons come out from under the bands that go over his shoulders. On one shoulder he has an extra layer, a second metal    

Step 12.

From under those pauldrons, we'll give him a pair of muscly arms, putting some leather bands going over his biceps.

Step 13.

Next comes the center piece of the chest plate, a circle with embossed shapes that swirl around inside.

Step 14.

After that we'll add the last few touches. Some stitching on the armholes on his leather armor and all the little scales that are embossed into the leather across his chest.

Step 15.

There you have it. You've got your very own Dovahkiin from Skyrim.

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Description: Hey everyone. I'm back again with yet another video game tutorial and I really think you're going to like this one. I'm going to show you how to draw Dovahkiin from one of the most awesome games out there, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This is one of my favorite games, but then again, i enjoy most of the games that Bethesda Soft has put out in the last few years. So sit back and get ready to draw and I'll show you how to draw this epic character.