How to Draw a Chimera, Draw Chimeras

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 17, 2012

Step 1.

I'm going to give you a few tips first off. We'll start with the goat head. I've given you two different views of a goat head as well as a close up reference on the eyes.

Step 2.

I've done the same for a lion head, including showing you how the lion's mane comes down off of his head.

Step 3.

I've also done the same thing for the dragon's head.

Step 4.

Here I show you the shape of the lion's front leg and how the paws are shaped.

Step 5.

And here is what a goat's leg looks like from a couple different views as well as the shape of the hoof and where it splits.

Step 6.

I'm going to show you how to draw the base in a few steps because this is a very complicated critter and you want to make sure you get everything in the right place. We're going to start with just the main body; the torso and shoulders, the hips and   

Step 7.

Then we'll put in lines for the wings, along with the front legs. We'll draw a long curving line for the tail and end it with a circle, and putting down a cross map as if we were going to draw a face here... because we are.

Step 8.

Then we'll draw in the shapes for each head, from left to right, goat, lion, and then dragon and then drawing lines to connect them to the shoulders and chest.

Step 9.

We'll draw the goat's head first, starting with the shape of the head and then moving to the features of the face and beard. From there we'll draw the neck and lastly we'll draw in the horns.

Step 10.

We'll start with the shape of the lion's head next along with his mouth and his nose. From there we'll draw in all his sharp pointy teeth along with the inside of his mouth and the part above his upper lip. Then we'll draw in his eyes and his brows a   

Step 11.

Next we come to the dragon's head. doing the same and starting with the shape of his face first along with the shape of his nose and his mouth. We'll draw in the cheek lines and the eyes in next and the ridges from the scales along his nose. We'll do   

Step 12.

After we have all the heads drawn, we'll start on the front legs, bringing one paw up and putting the other out as if he's trying to stabilize himself while flying.

Step 13.

Then we'll draw in the chest and bring the lines down to draw the torso.

Step 14.

From there we'll draw the his hind legs, drawing them a little hairy looking with some hairs sticking down and out from the joints. Also make sure to end each leg in a hoof.

Step 15.

We'll bring the tail down and around and draw the shape of our snake head at the end of the tail. We'll add a few groupings of scales along the tail as well.

Step 16.

We'll draw out the face of the snake next, drawing the fangs and inside of the mouth along with the eyes.

Step 17.

Lastly we'll draw the wings, bringing them up and around the body.

Step 18.

And there you have it. Your very own chimera!

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Description: Monsters are fun and I'm going to show you how to draw a really cool one called a chimera. A chimera is a beast with three heads, normally a goat head, a dragon head and a lion's head. The front legs are that of a lion and the rear the goats. It's got wings like a dragon and it's long tail is a snake.