How to Draw T Dog, T Dog From the Walking Dead

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First things first, draw a circle for the head guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, begin sketching out the actual shape of T-Dog's head and face like you see here. This is a bald character, so you don't have to worry about adding hair. There should be dimples or indents on the sides of his head at the top like you see here.


Draw in the ears, then sketch out the prominent brows. When that is done you can draw out his nose. Drawing T-Dog's nose should be simple because all you have to do is draw out the sides of the nostrils as well as the bridge of the nose.


Starting from the brows, draw out the shapes of his eyes, color in the pupils, then draw in the eyebrows. Add detailing on the forehead to make his stare even more expressive, then add definition on and around the nose. You will give T-Dog some nostr   


Add detailing inside of his ears, then begin drawing out T-Dog's lips and or mouth. When that is done sketch in the arch for the chin, then draw in some facial hair like a rough mustache and beard.


Lastly, draw the shape of his thick neck, followed by the shirt collar, shoulders, and all the crinkles, wrinkles and creases for his shirt. You will then add some skin definition to his neck. Erase the mistakes you made through out the lesson, then    


Here is what your T-Dog comes out looking like when finished. See, it wasn't that bad drawing T-Dog from Walking Dead was it?

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November 19, 2012

Description: It was another awesome episode yesterday as far as The Walking Dead goes. I don't like making lessons on chibi figures unless I have tutorials or a tutorial on the actual character that I am trying to artistically portray already done. This is why I wanted to make this lesson on "how to draw T-Dog", step by step. This comic book version of T-Dog came out so awesome. He was born Theodore Douglas, but through out the series he was called T-Dog. It was a shame that they killed T-Dog, but then again it was a bigger shame that they killed off Shane. I really love the drawing style of this lesson, it made drawing T-Dog a delight. I think I will make more tutorials based on my favorite Walking Dead characters in this very same style. Adios people, have fun with this Walking Dead character.

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