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How to Draw a Tribal Yin Yang

Artist: Dawn / March 9, 2010
How to Draw a Tribal Yin Yang

Step 1.

There is only four steps that need to be followed before you complete this lesson. You will start by drawing a circle for the outer shape of the yin-yang. Next draw squiggly lines until your first step looks like the sun.

Step 2.

Now that you have the outer circle drawn and the sun rays, you can begin sketching out the two eagle heads the way you see them here. The best part about this tutorial is, when you draw one eagle, the other is already added.

Step 3.

For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the tribal sun rays as you see here. Now at this point, your design can take on a more customized form if you wish to draw your won tribal tattoo pattern. Once you get the whole concept sketche   

Step 4.

Once you ink in the black, blue, or red, your tribal yin yang should look like the one you see here. Unless of course you added your own personal touches. Hope you had fun guys, I know I did. You did an awesome job, and keep up the good work!

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artworks · 6 years ago
:hai: lol :lol: :)
artworks · 6 years ago
cooooooooooool B) :lol:
Dawn · 6 years ago
Thanks :D
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 9, 2010
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Description: There is many different types of tattoo designs that are patterned in a tribal format. Today I am going to submit another tutorial that will teach you "how to draw a tribal yin yang", step by step. The yin-yang is an interesting symbol that is originated from China. The ancient Chinese use the yin-yang as a way to understand how things in the world work. Did you know there are actually three parts to the yin-yang? It's true, even though some of us believe that this ancient symbol only has two parts, the fact is, this object is made up of three sections. The outer circle, and the two shapes which are black, and white. The circle on the outside represents everything in existence. The shapes within the circle are of the two energies we know as yin, and yang. Which color is what? The black wispy swirl is the yin, and the white shape is the yang. I wanted to design a concept drawing of this symbol that almost everyone is familiar with instead of the same old uniform pattern. The two opposites are eagle heads, or if you like you can draw them to be dragons. The dragon is another creature that has been a part of Chinese culture for centuries. At first glance the tribal pattern may look a bit confusing. But as you will see, drawing this design is going to be quite simple. That does it for this tutorial. I have to say that I did enjoy sketching out this design, as I know you will enjoy replicating it. Adios and have a happy evening.