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How to Draw a Tribal Cat

Artist: Dawn / March 6, 2010
How to Draw a Tribal Cat

Step 1.

An important factor to learn about when drawing tribals, is that the shapes they form, should be relevant to one another. You cannot have a circular shaped tribal, withing a sharp edged triangular tribal shape. It wouldn't look uniform or similar to    

Step 2.

All you have to do is draw a croissant shaped circle for your beginning shape. Next draw the guidelines for the face, and for the mouth.

Step 3.

Begin your tribal pattern by drawing out the cat's eye in a layer system. Start from the left corner and work your way around until you have an eye design that looks like the one you see here.

Step 4.

Begin sketching out the outlined shape of the cat's nose, and roaring mouth, and then add some of the patterned lining for an inside border like you see here. Draw the teeth, and the hint of a nose.

Step 5.

Sketch out the forehead, ears, and then the rest of the sharp looking tribal art patterns you see here. The pattern on the back of the head should look like hair or fur, and then the in-line border should match the rest of the cat's face. Draw some d   

Step 6.

Cats have sharp claws right? Well to prove this fact even more, draw four tear strips you see behind this cat to show that fierce personality of this wild feline. To me, I was thinking of a linx or a bobcat.

Step 7.

All you need to do now is first erase the guidelines and shapes and then color in your drawing to make the lining look bold, and strong. You have just finished this tutorial!

Step 8.

All you need to do now is first erase the guidelines and shapes and then color in your drawing to make the lining look bold, and strong. You have just finished this tutorial!

Step 9.

If you're stuck with drawing the tribal pattern featured in this tutorial, try practicing the steps provided here. Keep trying until you feel confident enough to tackle the actual tut steps!

Step 10.

See how cool the drawing came out? Now you can show everybody how you learned how to draw a tribal cat, step by step. Great work, and be sure to join me again for more drawing fun!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 6, 2010
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Tags: how to draw tribal art, draw tribal art, draw tribal animals, how to draw tribal, how to draw tribal designs, how to draw tribal animals
Description: How many times have I submitted a lesson on a cat, lion, tiger, or even a cat like creature? If you said a lot, you're absolutely right. Drawing tribal cats is always a fun way to get some good creative juices flowing when you feel stumped on a particular drawing project. They are probably one of the easiest tribal animals to draw because their faces are so very basic, and simple to replicate. All one has to do is come up with a design either by thinking it through, or by taking a favorite picture and turning it into an outline portrait that will make such an awesome tattoo, or book art. This tutorial will help you learn "how to draw a tribal cat", step by step. There really isn't words to describe how easy this lesson will be. The cat is drawn from the side which is one simple aspect of the drawing, and the rest of the head is drawn to look like an outline of the real thing. It's almost like taking your hand and drawing around your fingers on a sheet of paper. To make the cat drawing exciting, I've added some nice tear lines that are in a vertical slant position which is a very common addition to any kind of animal art. When you're done you can color in your drawing, or leave it as an original tribal design that you worked hard on. Either way it's totally up to you. One thing is certain though, you will have fun. This third tutorial ends the tribal designs that I will submit today. Now you can look for other neat stuff that I drew for you all. Have a peaceful day, and happy drawing!