How to Draw a Tattoo Bull

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Start this lesson by drawing a ciorcle for the shape of the bulls head. You will then draw a vertical line from the middle of the head shape and draw it past the circle to form the guideline for the snout of the beast. You will then add the guideline   


You will first sketch out the shape of the bulls face and or head and then draw the arched lines for the flaring nostrils of the animal. This is going to be a mean looking bull, so you have to make sure that you draw everything in protion. When the f   


Okay, for your third steo you will start drawing in some tribal art designs on the forehead, nose bridge, and cheeks of the bull. Once your designs have been drawn in you can start coloring the tribal marks in as well. Next draw out and color in the    


Here is when this tutorial starts getting fun. You will draw out the long nicely shaped horns and and then draw the two brass looking braces that are in the middle of the horns as you see here. When that is done you will also draw the shape for the t   


Sketch in a beard and then draw the tribal flames that you see drawn in the background of the bull. Erase all the visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and then move to see what your drawing looks like when you are done.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. i hope you guys liked learning from this tutorial that showed you guys "how to draw a tattoo bull step by step".

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September 29, 2009

Description: I am back gang with four more lessons today, and tonight I will be drawing some super cool art for tutorials tomorrow. I will start the day with a tattoo design that is both cool, and tribal. So with this lesson, I will teach you how easy it is to learn “how to draw a bull tattoo step by step”. The design came out looking pretty cool. The total time it took me to draw out this bull drawing was pretty decent. The coloring and shading didn’t take too long either because all I used was a shade of orange, red, and black. For the most part it is a cool sketch that can very easily be inked on the upper part of your body, stretching across the back and shoulders. I love drawing all kinds of different tattoo art and I know that most of you love it too. When I come back tomorrow I will have some really cool edgy lessons that I think you will all appreciate. Of course I always draw things that have some meaning and use. This free online drawing lesson will show you “how to draw a tattoo bull step by step”. I will most certainly be back later with more sweet submissions for you all. Have fun guys and remember to stay creative and work hard. Peace peeps and happy drawing!

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