How to Draw a Treehouse


Begin by drawing the front structure shape of the house which looks like a tent.


Here you will draw in the edging for the roof lining. This treehouse has a pitched roof.


Begin drawing some tree leaves in the form of puffy rounds.


Add the horizontal lining on the roof for the shingles, then proceed to step five.


Next up, draw in the door frame, then draw in a rectangular window just about that.


Continue to work on the structure of the house which should be four walls and a face front.


Now you can add the short porch or foundation of the treehouse. The foundation is attached to the tree.


Draw a simple window with depth on the front door along with a door knob.


Add a nice window on the side of the house, then sketch in a simple definition line.


Are you ready to draw in the mammoth of a tree that your treehouse is sitting in? Good then let's get to it. Start by drawing the big wide trunk like so, then draw two thick limbs off the each side of the treehouse.


You can now draw in the wood planks to create the ladder that goes up to the tree. I mean how else will you reach the top.


To finish everything off all you have to do is sketch out all the big rounded leaves that surround your treehouse in a cuddling manner. Erase the guidelines and that's it.


You are all done. Now you can have fun being creative as you color in your treehouse.

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May 23, 2014

Description: I started watching this series called Treehouse Masters and because of that I was inspired to make a tutorial on "how to draw a treehouse", step by step. This is my playful version of a treehouse. The tree is basically a small, miniature version of a house that is up in a tree surrounded by leaves. The trunk of the tree is wide and very sturdy because as you know it has to support a treehouse of such girth. Anyways, I do hope you like this fun, and simple lesson on drawing a treehouse. Tell me what you think of it with some feedback.

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