How to Draw a Coyote for Kids

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This is probably one of the only circles you will be making through this entire tutorial. Start with a round shape, and then proceed to step two.


The next thing you will do is draw out the entire outline of the coyote's head, face, and body. As you can see there is a lot of angles and straight lines. You would even use a ruler if you wanted. Start with making the ear. Once that is done you can   


Here you will draw in another ear, and then add a line to form the actual nose for the coyote. Next, make the shape of the eye which looks like a sideways triangle, then sketch in some of the chest hair as well as the lining for the front leg and paw   


And lastly, draw the lining for the coyote's thigh, and then make the shape for his/her back paw. You will end this step by drawing out a bushy tail, and then you will need to erase your mistakes.


Here is the coyote when you are all done. Color him/her in and that's it. You have drawn another great animal species that is known for the yelps and their scrawniness.

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May 3, 2012

Description: Here is a cute, very boxy version of a coyote. I wanted to make a tutorial that can show folks an easy way they can draw a coyote but in a for kids manner. It wasn't that hard coming up with a new way for me to create a different style coyote. The only problem I have is finding something new to say. There is only a total of four drawing steps, and then the line art step which shows you how your overall drawing should come out. If your coyote doesn't come out looking like the one you learned from, that's okay because once you practice a few times it will only get better as your skills improve. So go ahead and join in on the drawing fun as you create your very own coyote. I shall return in a bit with more drawing fun for you all so stick around.

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