How to Draw a Stingray for Kids

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Just start with a small crescent shape like so for the top part of the stingray's body.


You will now draw the flaps of the stingray's body which are called the pectoral fins. Weird huh?


Draw in the tail which is also called a dorsal fin, and the tip you see there, that is the second dorsal fin. It's hard to believe that the stinger of a stingray is actually their dorsal fin. Draw in and color the eyes. Clean up the drawing and you a   


Here is the finished line art when you are all done. Now you can color in your stingray that you worked on drawing to perfection.

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April 25, 2012

Description: Hey folks, I'm back again with a lesson that some of you might like. I wanted to make a tutorial based on another animal for the 'for kids' section so here is "how to draw a stingray for kids", step by step. Stingray's have mixed likes and dislikes between people, that's why I wanted to give this stingray a look of innocence by making a cute version. In general they are relatively harmless animals as long as you keep your distance. As you know one of animal kingdom's great animal lovers and experts died from a puncture to his heart from the tail of a stingray, and that was Steve Irwin. I can still remember when I heard the news. It was so sad because I used to watch him all the time on television when I was a kid and learned so much from him as well. Anyways, this tutorial should be easy enough to follow which means you will be drawing a stingray for kids in to time at all. I made the steps and directions super simple so you will have no problem with replicating this animal for yourself. Have fun guys and enjoy!

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