How to Draw a Manatee for Kids

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Start off by making a circle shape for the head and then move to step two.


You will now draw out the rounded shape of the manatee's head and then draw in the shape or outline of the manatee's snout like so.


The next thing you will do is complete the body. Start at the back of the head, and continue the lining until the back, tail, chest, stomach and front fins are all drawn in. Take your time so your manatee comes out looking right.


All you have to do now to finish this creature off is color in an eye, and then make a dash for the nostril. Clean up any mistakes you may have made along the way.


Here is your finished drawing of a manatee for kids. Color in your drawing and that's it!

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May 3, 2012

Description: Awe how cute is this little guy? I was going for the appearance of a childlike manatee, and I ended up getting a drawing on an animal that looks a lot like a walrus minus the tusks. Anyway, at least I tried drawing a manatee for kids, and I'm sure that most people will know what I was aiming for here. Not everyone can draw animals from the sea so here is an easy, and simple way that you can tackle the task of making your own manatee. These animals may appear to be ugly at first, but once you get a good look at them you come to realize that they are just hunks of fat floating in the sea. They are relativity docile animals but I wouldn't go trying to pet one any time soon. Instead, just sit back and create a serene environment on one of the worlds most strangest creatures, the manatee. Did you know that sailors used to think that manatee's where mermaids?

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