How to Draw a Tattoo Skull


Begin by drawing a head shape and another rounded shape for the snout of this skull. Next, draw a neck line that is arched.


Sketch out the curvy lining for the skulls brow, and cheek area as well as some of the front part of the head.


As you can see the sketch of the skull is going to form some type of beast. Sketch out the other side of the deep style eye socket, and color in the hollow. Add detailing and definition on the head, and around the side temples. Sketch in definition t   


Now you will begin working on the shaping of the front part of the skull's mouth and or snout. I wanted to have this monstrous skull design to have some sort of fanged teeth or canines. Draw them out like you see here and then sketch out the front ro   


Now it's time to form the shape of the back part of the skull's head. Draw out a nice even line and then continue to sketch out a very sharp deep impression arch. Once that is done draw in the slithering tongue and then move to step six.


Before you begin sketching out the vertebrae for the neck and or spine, you will have to sketch out some detailing to the skulls head. Begin by making marking lines for the teeth, and then sketch in detailing to the cheek and side of the skull.


Draw in the spine but be sure to draw one vertebrae at a time. Sketch in some cracked lines near the base of the neck bones, and then you can move to step eight.


Draw in the rest of the bones for the neck like you see here and notice how each one has a point. When you are done you can start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Look how awesome this tattoo skull design looks when you are all done. Now you can choose to add some color, or maybe just a few splashes of hues. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw a tattoo skull.

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May 17, 2011

Description: I guess I should just go ahead and submit another cool skull tutorial that also happens to be a tattoo design. I drew this sketch with every intention on making something that was cool, and interesting enough to want to draw. I think I have a fifty, fifty split here because I have a feeling that some may find this skull tattoo cool, and then again some will find this design uncool. Either way it is definitely going to be a challenging task to tackle and complete. The skull is being drawn from a side view and because of this it should be a lot easier to follow. For those of you that are fanatics over skulls and skull art, you should get a blast from this tutorial on "how to draw a tattoo skull", step by step. You can tweak the skull to your liking, and with everything you add and take away, you will end up with a drawing that is your own. I have to leave this description but I shall return with more drawing fun. Have a blast and be sure to let me know how you like this tutorial as well as others. Peace people!

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