How to Draw a Squirtle Dragon, Squirtle From Pokemon

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Start by making a circle like so, then sketch in the facial guideline.


Draw out the shape of the forehead, then draw the eagle shaped snout. The lining for the mouth opening should be rigid.


Next, draw in the bottom jaw, then finish off the mouth. You will need to draw the lower jawline or jawline structure. Sketch in detailing under the mouth which is also the neck.


Okay so you are already almost done with drawing a Squirtle dragon. All you have to do now is draw in the other side of the mouth other mouth lining. Draw in the reptilian tongue, then add a nostril and the oblong shape for the eye. Add a slit pupil,   


Begin drawing out the rest of the head and neck by first drawing the shape and pose of the neck. When that is done you can draw the large thick curled up frills.


Add more frills to the right side of the head, and on the other side of the neck. Sketch in the detailing to the fills, then you are all set to start erasing the mistakes.


Here is how your Squirtle dragon looks when you are all done. Just color him in and that's it!

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October 2, 2012

Description: Here is what I call one cool looking dragon creation. I have been doing a series of dragons in the image of our favorite Pokemon characters. So far I have done a dragon Mew, dragon Pikachu, and dragon Bulbasaur. Today I will be showing you a quick and easy way to learn "how to draw dragon Squirtle", step by step. We will once again create a new unique way to pay homage to our favorite figures from our favorite series. Squirtle looks absolutely great as a dragon. His hair or frills remind me of water tubes in the form of chunky or Dreadlock strands. Just by looking at this version of Squirtle I’m sure you will enjoy all that this lesson has to offer. There is no more I can say because this is just a concept creation. I did have fun drawing a Squirtle dragon, and I know you will too. Adios people, and happy drawing!

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