How to Draw a Hydra, Hydra Dragon


Let's get started. You will need to draw out a series of shapes and guidelines for a workable body frame for your hydra. Make three egg shapes for the heads, then add the facial guidelines. Next, make the shape of the body, then add the tail and neck   


We will tackle one head at a time when drawing the hydra faces. Start with the muzzle. Draw out the very sharp edged facial structure. The bottom jaw should overlap the top jaw. Make the brow bone or bump.


Finish the head by drawing out the horns like so. As you can see the ends or tips of each horn have a tapered point. Sketch out the eye, as well as the gill like frills on the back part of the jaw. Sketch in detailing to the frills and forehead like    


Since this is an end head and neck this hydra is going to have one of the shoulder sides. Sketch out the thick slightly bent neck, then draw the part of the back, shoulder, and muscle definition.


Start this step by drawing out the second head to this three headed beast. Tackle this task the very same way you started the process to drawing the first hydra head. The only difference will be the mouth. This hydra has a slightly open mouth.


Finish the rest of the head with the horns, frills and eye. Sketch in all the necessary definition and details.


Begin sketching out the neck starting at the back of the head. Draw the front section of the neck, then draw in the chest.


We will sketch out the chest of this beast, followed by the first front leg and foot, talon or claw. Be sure to sketch in all the muscle and hand definitions.


Draw the last two heads like so. take your time so they all look like they are part of the same beast. Make sure to draw out all the necks too. You don't want a floating head do you?


Slowly sketch out the entire back like which is also part of the tail. When that is done you can sketch out the belly and hind leg. Draw the contours of the leg, then add all the definition too.


Almost done guys. You will now take your time as you tackle the task of drawing the spiny frills that flows down the hydra's neck and back. When all the spikes are drawn, you can add detailing to the centers.


Draw in the rest of the limbs followed by the tail. The tail is actually drawn with some straight edges. Add the body definition, then you can begin erasing the mistakes as well as guides.


Add the neck and belly scales, then draw the bone etching on the horns. Add some minor detailing in the areas you see small spots of red.


Here is how your hydra comes out looking when you are all done. Of course not all of you will end up with a perfect drawing, but if you practice long enough, you will produce your perfect piece of art. I have still yet to draw mine.

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October 3, 2012

Description: So, looking at the categories this morning, I've realized that some of the mythical animals are very old. Aware of that, I decided to create a tutorial based on "how to draw a Hydra", step by step, to update my older version which is...pretty bad. I think I got home from a long shopping day when I drew that. I've tried to revamp my old one, but even before then, I couldn't draw a cool one. In this new tutorial, I'll be giving you steps on a full body hydra which has 5 heads. This should keep you busy for a while, and hopefully it's worth your while. Take your time, and don't forget to get the required drawing supplies to start. Thanks so much for viewing, and I hope you'll enjoy drawing hydras as much as I had!

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