How to Draw a Sleeping Dog, Sleeping Dog

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Lets start by making two shapes, one for the body which looks like an egg, and the other is a simple circle and will be used for the head. Draw a connecting neck line as well.


Next, begin sketching out the structure of the dogs head and face like so, and you will also need to incorporate the shapes of the ears.


Sketch in the closed eyes, then draw the nose. You will lightly sketch in the detailing for the snout, inside of the ears, and in the center of the forehead.


Tackle the task of getting the body drawn out. Start from behind the neck, then draw the lining for the pose that this sleeping dog is in. The body is curled and the tail cups the body.


Draw in the front and back legs as well as the paws and paw padding. Add detailing to the thigh and elbow like you see here.


Finish your doggie by drawing the stomach, the other front leg and paw, then the paw pads. Erase any mistakes that you may have made along the way.


When you are done your dog should come out looking awesome like you see here. Good job folks, now all you have to do is color it in.

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June 28, 2012

Description: If I went ahead and made a tutorial on a sleeping cat, I might as well make one on "how to draw a sleeping dog", step by step. As you may or may not tell from the image, the dog breed I chose to draw is a German Shepherd. I have two of them and my female is a true bi-color. My male is all black, but when they sit together in the back part of the truck with the cab open, they look like two black shepherds. Anyways, this dog is in a pose that my dog was in when she was sleeping last night. I glanced over at here and went from there. The lesson should be pretty simple since the canine is in a laying pose. Since this is a large dog breed, I had to make sure that the body was drawn in a robust manner. Anyways, this is going to be fun, so carry on as you begin drawing a sleeping dog of your own. Peace out people!

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