how to draw a golden retriever puppy

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This step is so easy! Start off with a large Circle for a head then an oval shaped circle for the body. then draw flat circles for the front paws :)


This is a little more tricky than the last step but you will soon get the hang of it! First start with the small neck and draw a neat curve to join with the head. With that supporter, draw the head staying on the circle lines and then draw the big ea   


Draw 2 round eyes, about 3-4cm big. with a 1cm small circle inside. if you got you head a bit to big or to small, draw the eyes any size that you feel comfortable with :)


Draw a small round nose for your golden dog. Then draw a mouth with its pink tongue out and some small pointy teeth :)


Its our last step! Draw its straight body and cute little front feet and back feet. Its should look pretty good!


I hope this is what your look like when its done. erase any think you need too and colour it in! I would love to she how it looked like by uploading it onto your artwork :). See you all later for great, new and fun tuts. hope this helped, daisydog

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April 11, 2012

Description: Hello Guys! This is my first tutorial! :) very suprising i drew this off paint this time. I hope you all like my first ever tutorial on the computer (Im 1000x better with pencil and paper) and hope it turns out great! Ill be looking forward to make new tuts and i'd like to see how you did by uploading them onto the "artwork" page. Talk to you later, Daisydog.

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