How to Draw a Sitting Dog, Draw a Dog Sitting

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Make two shapes one for the head, and the other for the elongated body. You will need to sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the neck line which connects the two shapes together.


Next up, take your time as you will start drawing out the structure to the dogs head. Start with the blocky top portion of the head, then draw out the structure of the face. As you can see the cheeks sink in a bit like a boxer or pit. Draw the ears a   


Here you will draw in the face. Start by drawing the eyes using the facial guidelines, then draw the nose and bottom jaw. If you want your dog to have a patchy look, you can begin drawing out the markings on the face, then detail inside of the ears.


Draw out the body which starts with the back of the neck, followed by the back lining of the body. You will draw the thigh, then draw in the tail. Lastly, draw the chest before moving to step five.


Draw the front legs and paws, then draw in the back leg as well as the back paws. Don't forget to add the muscle definition too.


Before you draw in the markings on your dog, you might want to erase the mistakes and guidelines. When that is done you can draw the patches or marks of your choice.


Here is what your doggie looks like when all is finished. Color in your new drawing and then you're done.

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August 2, 2012

Description: One more lesson for the books based on another animal. Here we will learn "how to draw a sitting dog", step by step. Drawing dogs in all different poses can be a real challenge in itself because there is so many things you have to consider when doing so. For example when you draw dogs sitting or laying, you have to make sure that their limbs are accurately placed and positioned. If you don't do this your pooch may come out looking deformed because the body may look bigger or smaller than the head. This dog is a mixed breed. I went with a combination of a boxer and pitbull because these dogs are so condemmed to a point where people believe they shouldn't be treated like mans best friend. I had a lot of fun with the coloring because drawing a two toned dog makes them that much more desirable. I should have actually colored one or both eyes blue, that would have looked nice. well, have fun drawing a sitting dog and I will get busy with uploading more lessons. Adios mi amigos!

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