How to Draw a Skull Profile

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Begin by making a simple circle shape for the skull's head and then draw another guide shape for the jaw.


Next, begin sketching out the bony cheek bone on the right and then draw in the side view of the nose or nasal area. Below that shape is the top part of the skull's mouth.


Define the shape of the skull's head like so, then begin sketching in the opposite cheek bone along with the rest of the top portion of the mouth. Draw in the arches for each tooth as well.


We can now draw in the teeth and for me I wanted them pointed. When you are done with the mouth make a large circle for the eye hollow.


This is the last step and with this particular lesson it's a good idea to erase your guidelines and mistakes. It's a good idea to do this because you will need to color in the eye hollow and the nasal hollow.


That's it folks. You are ready to add some color to your finished drawing of a skull profile.

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August 24, 2015

Description: In this super simple but fun lesson, we will learn how to draw a profile skull, step by step. Instead of drawing profile faces all the time, I thought it might be helpful to draw a skull from the side in a full profile manner. There is no hard task to this tut so I'm sure that most of you will enjoy what you learn here today. I have been drawing skulls for so long, that making them is like second nature to me now. It's takes a lot of practice to tackle the task of skull drawing which is why I often find myself making skull lessons a lot. Anyways, have fun and enjoy.

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