Cholo Skull Drawing Tutorial


Begin with a simple guide shape for the head and facial guidelines.


Up next, draw the straight line across the head for the bandanna, then draw in the defined cheeks bones. Add some shading and detailing under the crevasse of the cheek bones, then proceed to step three.


Up next, use the facial guides to draw out large hollow shapes of the eyes. Add some definition around the eyes and then draw in the nose or nasal cavity. Don't forget the cross on the forehead and the crinkle between the eyes.


We will now draw out the teeth. They should be long, narrow and defined. You will then draw the mustache, but don't draw it straight across the lip, instead have the hair start at the ends or edges. Define the stache and proceed to step five.


You can fill the top with the hairstyle. Notice that there are bumps and ridges. Add that curl and then finish the bandanna.


You are almost done. Color in the shading and texture affects for the hair. This will create a sheen or shine to the hairstyle. You will also color in the nasal cavity as well.


For your final step, add detailing to the bandanna which is a typical looking design. Erase the mistakes and all the guides too.


When all is said and done your drawing should look like the one you see here. Choose your colors and color in the art.

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November 7, 2015

Description: I love drawing skulls and when I find something neat to recreate I usually go full force and give the creation my all. That is the case with this lesson on how to draw a Cholo skull. I haven't seen too much art for this concept. Skulls are a very popular concept to make things out of so when I saw that the Cholo art idea wasn't filled with cool images, I just had to go ahead and create my own. Of course I kept the traditional aspects to the idea like the bandanna, black hair and thin mustache. A lot of Latin folk are very religious so I also included a cross tattoo on the forehead between the eyes. I don't know if you will like drawing a Cholo skull, but I had a lot of fun with it so hopefully you do too.

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