How to Draw a Pikachu OC


First, draw a circle with two guide lines. These lines with represent where the muzzle and eyes are going to be located.


Then draw two ears. You should give then special designs. The designs on this Pikachu are flames. Draw a small upside down triangle shaped nose where the guide lines meet. Under the nose, draw a mouth.


Next, draw eyes. They can be just about any shape. I prefer ovals for Pikachus.


Now draw two circles and a line to connect them (this line acts as a spine).


Draw the neck. Don't forget to add cheeks! Again, my cheeks looks like flames. Also, draw the arms. Normally, Pikachu arms are chubby.


You should erase the facial guide lines now that you don't need them. Now, draw the tail. You can make it unique like mine. My Pikachu's tail represents a scythe.


Finish the rest of the body and give your Pikachu small, stubby feet. Erase unneeded lines carefully and color! :D

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July 12, 2013

Description: My first tutor. It's quite simple; just make sure your original character is original. ;)

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