How to Draw a Cute Panda

Artist: Dawn / May 26, 2010

Step 1.

First, start off with a large oval for the base of the head. Then, draw your guidelines. I prefer to use a ruler in order to draw the guidelines perfectly. Usually, I freehand the circles and then swiftly sketch the guidelines on. For the base of the   

Step 2.

Ok, this step is very simple. See how I start off with the most simplest of shapes? This is ideal to creating things quickly, especially if your drawing in school or work. Start off with a circle for the head. Basically retracing the oval you created   

Step 3.

Continue in this step by drawing the eyes and ears. Again, this is a very simple step to completing the most cutest panda ever! Make sure you draw a panda head over sized in order to contain cuteness.

Step 4.

Ok, now you'll have to draw the cute little nose and mouth. I always draw the mouths with a rounded "W". If you get stuck on this part, think of a "W" shape. Next, draw the shoulders and nose.

Step 5.

In this step, complete the rest of the body by drawing the soles of the feet and bottom. This is pretty easy. The legs and feet seem a bit merged, this is actually a good thing. It will make your cute panda drawing a lot cuter.

Step 6.

This is basically the last step to completing your cute panda drawing. Finish off the details of the soles of the feet. After, draw the indication lines of its markings.

Step 7.

This is what the line art should look like once you've finished your drawing. See how cute it is? I can't stop myself from looking at it's adorable face. I spent a lot of time drawing this little cute guy. Drawing things simply makes it harder to dra   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 26, 2010
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Description: Hey guys, this is Dawn with another awesome and exciting tutorial for you all. Yesterday I thought about doing the most adorable tutorial on a very lovable animal...the panda. Seeing that there's tons of artwork on pandas in a cute fashion, I decided to make a tutorial on "how to draw a cute panda step by step".You're probably thinking, "wow, don't you already have one of these tutorials?" The answer to that would be yes, it's actually resting in the top fifty at number 25. I did that drawing tutorial almost two years ago, it still contains it's lovable cuteness. The tutorial I did today would have to be the easiest tutorial to ever complete. I made a good variety of steps so drawing it would be easier. The background took me a few minutes to whip up. To get a good background for a dull character, use a bright monochromatic color scheme to make the character's appearance really stick out. In this case, I stuck with a bamboo style background to match the theme of the panda. Pandas love eating bamboo, so why not put it in a bamboo style background? I vectorized the bamboo shoots so it leaves it simpler and non-distracting. I don't want too much detail to get in the way of the character or else the focus will be drawn away and to the backdrop instead. To really make drawing a cute panda easier, try focusing on an over sized head with small features. This way the larger the head, the cuter. Well, I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial. I had so much fun drawing the character. Thanks for viewing and don't forget to comment, rate, and favorite. Also, make sure you post your cute panda drawings in the art gallery; I'd really like to see results. Have a happy drawing experience!