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Fennec Fox

Artist: nissywolf123 / July 25, 2013
Fennec Fox

Step 1.

Do the base lines of our fox. Try not to draw them too dark because of course we will be erasing most of them.

Step 2.

Add I the ears and fur around the neck. Also do the other side of the tail. In this step add in more definition in the paws.

Step 3.

add in the toes and begin erasing the base lines

Step 4.

add in the face and the fur in the tail and finish taking out the base lines.

Step 5.

Now your fox is done! All that's left is for you to color him.

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Artist: nissywolf123
Date Added: July 25, 2013
Steps: 5
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Description: I hope you guys like this. This is my first lesson so It snot the best. I was looking online and I thought it would be a fun Idea to look at fennec foxes and do a remake of one. I tried my best so have fun!