How to Draw a Shark, Draw a Real Shark

Artist: finalprodigy / January 24, 2011

Step 1.

Here is a quick anatomy chart, nothing too extensive.

Step 2.

Before you jump into a long term drawing it is always important to sketch out your idea first especially when there isn't one definite reference image to look off of. So here is the idea. It is based off of the "Air Jaws" video footage. I decided to    

Step 3.

Alright, lets jump right into this. The materials are all the same as the ones in my Spider tutorial. I will try to keep them the same for a while. I started off with this simple banana life shape to represent the body.

Step 4.

Next, I started sketching in the fins and features. Remember to keep the lines soft and not too dark so that you can easily fix your mistakes in later steps.

Step 5.

This is the result of further defining the features. Don't break out your 8B and 9B pencils yet! This is still a sketching stage.

Step 6.

DO NOT try this with hard charcoal! Use soft charcoal to roughly scribble in the shading. Also use it to roughly define the splashing water.

Step 7.

Blend over everything using a tortillion or any blending device.

Step 8.

This is where I started "finalizing" everything. Now is the time to start using your darkest pencils and you mechanical pencils for detailing. You will also notice that I changed the shark's left pectoral fin between this step and the next one to loo   

Step 9.

Here is the result of the previous step. Remember to leave some white specs here and there in front of the shark's body to represent water.

Step 10.

Start focusing more on the smaller details now like the water and the sharks mouth.All that really remains after this step are details and some "flair."

Step 11.

Use the hard, darker charcoal to close in the background and add a bit more definition to the water. How dark you make the sky is up to you. You will notice that I eventually lighten my sky by erasing away some of the charcoal.

Step 12.

Now it is time to work on the little details of the water. A convenient way to draw the water is to use squiggly lines to produce the illusion of flying droplets. Use mechanical pencils and graphite in the B range for this. Once you have added as muc   

Step 13.

Here is the end result after adding a bit more detail and lightening up the sky and splashing water. I really loved working on this drawing and hope the tutorial was helpful for you all!

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: For those of you who have never seen the footage: yes, sharks CAN jump out of water! Imagine how different the movie Jaws would have been if the shark just jumped into the boat! Anyway, let's get started with our great white shark!