How to Draw a Scary Teddy Bear

Artist: Dawn / April 28, 2015

Step 1.

Make the basic guidelines which will form a frame. Start with the head shape, body or torso shape, and then draw the limb guides.

Step 2.

We will now begin drawing the face of your scary teddy bear. Remember, the lining needs to be shaggy because this is a stuffed animal. Draw in the ears and the mean expressive brows.

Step 3.

You will now draw in the marking for the area where we will draw in the nose and mouth. Once that is done draw the eyeball and detailing around the eye. For the head, draw in an open stitch with stuffing coming out which is supposed to be the brain.

Step 4.

Here is where we will draw in the nose and scary gnarly mouth. Notice this teddy has some pretty sharp teeth. Add a crinkle on the bridge of the teddy bear's nose, then draw an X for the left eye as it's missing the eyeball.

Step 5.

We will now define the shape of your teddy's body which is a regular circle shape. Add the inside shape for the belly and then draw the clawing paws. This teddy has pads on his paws and some long sharp nails.

Step 6.

We will finish off scary teddy by drawing the legs, feet, clawed toe nails, foot pads, and then some stitch lines attaching the legs to the body. When that is done add more stitch lines to the arms and then an open stitch on the belly with fluff comi   

Step 7.

Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now you can have a blast coloring in the drawing to completion.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Don't stray too far because we are about to embark on a task that will leave you not wanting to cuddle with your favorite teddy bear tonight. Up next, I will be showing you how to draw a scary teddy bear, step by step. The idea for this tut actually came from two places; someone suggested that I make this lesson, and from Youtuber Pes with Teddy has an Operation. I basically wanted this scary teddy bear to look like he never got that operation to make him nice anymore. Instead, he remained infested with the ailments and became a horrid teddy bear that is almost like Chucky. Anyways, go ahead and have some fun, but don't worry because I'm sure your Teddy isn't like the one you see here. That is of course unless you treat him unkind.