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How to Draw a Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4

Artist: Dawn / August 8, 2013
How to Draw a Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 1.

This lesson is going to be very similar to the Iphone tut. You will start with another oblong rectangular shape like so, then move to step two.

Step 2.

The screen on the Galaxy S4 is a lot longer than the Iphone's screen. You will draw out the screen, then move to step three.

Step 3.

Lastly, draw in the small rectangular shaped button at the bottom of the phone, then draw in the speaker and sensor or camera dots on the upper front part of the phone. If you made any mistakes, erase them now.

Step 4.

Here is how your drawing should look when you are all done. Now you can color your Galaxy in either black or white which is the two colors these cell phones are available in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 8, 2013
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Tags: how to draw phones
Description: Here is a phone that my parents recently upgraded to from the Samsung Galaxy S3. Up next, we will be learning "how to draw the Samsung Galaxy S4", step by step. Now my parents had the S3 for about a year and when they upgraded to the S4, there wasn't too much of a difference except the usual changes; better camera, faster processor, sleeker look or design, and a better navigation layout. If I had to choose which of the two I would rather have out of the Galaxy S4 or the iphone 5S, I would have to say the Galaxy S4. The decision is solely based on the user interface comparison of both devices. Even though I like the Iphone, the samsung Galaxy S series is pretty badass too. When it comes to choosing the right phone, you really have to feel them out. If you don't have one of the cell phones, you can at least enjoy drawing the Galaxy S4 instead. Again, the image or skull on the lock screen of the phone in the the tutorial image is not mine. It is also from Google, and it is not mine. HAve fun with this lesson folks, and be sure to stick around to see what other technology related tuts I have in store. Peace amigos.