How to Draw Sublime Sun Logo, Sublime Sun


Start by making a circle then sketch in the facial guidelines for the sun's face.


You will draw the top half of the sun's face which is the giant mushroom I was telling you about in the description. The mushroom stem forms a nose like you see here.


Next, sketch in all the spots on the cap of the mushroom like so, then draw the ribs under the cap. You will also draw the skeleton that is laying on the middle part of the nose as well.


Next, draw the markings on the cheeks which will house the images to come, then draw the shapes of the eyes which are shaped like fish. Only one of those eyes are supposed to be shaped like a fish by the way. The other (right) is just an oblong shape   


Here you will draw out the eyeballs, then draw the smaller marks on the lower parts of the sun's face. The shape under the right cheek is supposed to be a folding pocket knife. Draw the markings under the nose which is makes up the mouth design for t   


You will start drawing the fiery coils for the sun on the left side first. As you can see each flame is of different size and shape. Add some shading to the edge of each flame, then proceed to step seven.


Repeat exactly what you did in step six to the right side of the sun. When you are done you can erase your mistakes.


Now that the line art is finished, you can choose to add the other figures on the sun like the devil, genie and so forth.

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August 8, 2013

Description: This is the logo for an awesome band that I used to listen to back in the 90's. I am submitting this lesson because user luckyoreo24 sked if I could make a tutorial on "how to draw the Sublime logo", step by step. The logo for Sublime was always interesting to me because of the many elements included with the design. The sun is made up of a bunch of different things that represent the band as a whole. This includes all the members of the band, as well as symbolisms that hint to what life was like as a member. I didn't get into details as far as the various images go because I didn't want to offend anyone to the design. If you look closely at the sun you will see some objects like the devil, a genie, a skull face, a fish, a hypodermic needle, a large hallucinogenic mushroom and other things. When it was announced that Sublime had lost its' lead singer Bradley Nowell, fans all over the world was devastated. Sublime had a unique sound that will never be replicated by any other band. Just like there will never be another Kurt Cobain, or Tupac Shakur. I do hope this lesson is liked, and if there are other band logos you would like to see on Dragoart that I don't already have, just give me a holla and I will work on your requests. Adios people.

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