How to Draw an Android, Android Phone

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Draw an oblong square shape for the structure or base of the phone design.


All you will do now is thicken the the lining you drew in step one but make the shape of the phone higher and rounded at all four corners.


The best thing to do when tackling this third step is use a ruler and have an eraser handy as well. The first border or design line you will draw in is the one that frames the inside of the phone itself. Next, draw the screen border, and then draw ou   


For the last step draw the infinity like shape for the ear speaker at the top, and then draw in the symbols on each button. The ASUS name and symbol is also in the phone right at the bottom under the screen. There should be two phone receiver symbols   


When you are all done this is how the drawing looks. Now you can add color, design, and even customize your new Android phone. Great work guys!

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July 15, 2011

Description: Recently I received a request on one of the tutorials. I was asked if I could make a lesson on "how to draw an Android phone", step by step. This is actually a really easy tutorial to follow and complete because the phone design is oblong and square with rounded corners. Android phones come in any variety by any company. For example, Sprint, Samsung, and other cellular phone company’s all have their own line of phones that are built with the Android operating system. Google Inc. is the ones that bought developer software Android Inc., and since then they have been making operating systems for cell phones, and operating pads designed to have an operational computer system in the form of a small notebook. Anyways, I just chose any phone design to make the Android operating system and logo. I think that the little robot that is used as the opening window logo is awesome. My dad actually wants to trade in his Blackberry Bold for a phone that has the Android operating system. Did you know that Google uses a Linx based OS to create software and apps for the Android? Well I guess that’s about it for this tutorial description. I will be back with more fun stuff. Hopefully you like learning "how to draw an Android" because it’s not going to be hard to draw at all. Peace out people and enjoy!

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