How to Draw an iPhone, iPhone

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Draw a single vertical line like so, and move to step two.


The next step to making an iPhone is drawing out the oblong shape of the body. The edges should be rounded and the sides should be straight.


You will now create the trimming around the iPhone by drawing in the inner frame. When that is done you can make two border lines which are the horizontal lines you see here.


And for the last step, all you have to do is draw in the small round shape for the button, and the speaker up above. Erase any mistakes you made as well as the guides.


When you are all done you should have a nice lined out sketch of the iPhone like you see here. Color it in and maybe even draw the symbol of APPLE.

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October 8, 2011

Description: I’m sure almost all of you know that a very smart, innovative, and admired man has passed away due to his fight with pancreas cancer. Sadly it has taken the best of this individual, and in an attempt to say farewell to a man that has changed the technical industry forever, I wanted to fill a request on "how to draw an iPhone", step by step. The Apple iPhone is one of the bestselling cell phones on the market today, or at least the more desirable. The first ever iPhone was released into the technical world on June 29, 2007. The day before Steve Jobs died, the fifth generation of the iPhone was revealed and instead of being called iPhone 5, it was simply an upgraded version of the iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4S has all the same features of its previous model, and some different aspects of the phone is with its hardware and software updates. There is a new user interface, as well as functions. Some of these updates includes a voice recognition program called Siri, and there is even a better camera that was built into the design. This year Sprint is going to be one of the carriers of the iPhone 4S so if you use Sprint for your cellphone service needs, you just may want to take a look into a new age as far as Smartphones go. The lesson in general is pretty darn simple and I have complete faith that you will tackle and complete this tutorial with ease. You can choose to draw the interactive buttons that are usually displayed on the main screen once you slide to open. I have an iPod Touch, and it’s very similar to the iPhone. The slight differences between the two, is one has talk capability, and the other does not. I hope you enjoy this tutorial on drawing the iPhone. I will be back with some more awesome drawing fun. Peace out people and have fun.

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