How to Draw a Rose and Cross Tattoo


You will draw the simple form of a cross as you draw a small center shape for the rose on the inside or middle. At this point your cross should resemble crosshairs as you where looking through a riffle scope.


As you start with drawing the rose, you will need to start by slowly drawing a swirl in the center. This will form a nice flow for your rose petals.


Continue sketching out the rose petals as you draw the center bud of the flower. You want to make the rose look more like an unblossomed flower at this point.


You will turn a rose bud into a fully formed opened or bloomed rose by drawing some larger petals that surround the center of the slightly closed rose.


Sketch in the detailing to the rose like so, then move to step six.


Draw out the entire shape of the cross like so, and be sure to make the sides and top of the cross rounded and pointed at the ends. Draw a nice thin line around the inside of the cross design like so. Start erasing the guidelines and shapes that you    


Here is where you will want to take your time as you sketch out the vine that is wrapping around the entire body of the cross. Please be patient as you draw out the vine so it comes out neat and flows well. Sketch out all the leaves and thorns then a   


If you made some mistakes with the vines you can clean up the mess before you start the coloring process of your cross and rose. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can begin the coloring process.

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April 12, 2012

Description: Holla! Here is one awesome tattoo design that I had so much fun drawing. It is on two of my favorite objects, roses and crosses. I wanted to incorporate the two with a really bright, but dark theme. Tattoos are one of my all time favorite things to draw, so when it came to creating new tattoo art, I knew I wanted to step it up a notch. The cross looks almost like a Choppers cross the only difference between the two is that one is short is the other is long. The edges and top of the cross are rounded like an ax or hatchet, while the bottom of the cross is pointed like an arrow or sword. The rose is just a single bloom in the center of the cross with the thorned vine wrapped around the entire cross as it works it's way up. I love the brightness of the green as it rests on the chrome style of the cross. The red rose looks awesome as well and it give the whole colored image a nice feel. I think you will love learning "how to draw a rose and cross tattoo", step by step. This should be simple enough for intermediate artists to tackle and some novice artists as well. Have fun and let me know what you think of the drawing as a whole.

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