How to Draw a Basket of Roses


This is just a circular guide for the only rose that is facing us. The rest dont have any point in guides, its easy one we have completed the first flower :D


The flowers are simply rounded lines, getting larger and rounder as we reach the edge of the rose. This is the easiest method of drawing roses I know. Try and make them overlap, It will look more natural and give a better impression of a rose.


Draw the second, less distinct rose at the side, with a little bud in the middle representing the center. Its the same method as the first rose, just much less petals are showing on the left side of the rose (our right)


This bottom rose is as easy as the first rose, just it is facing very slightly down, and is being overlapped by the first rose.


Draw another rose, being overlapped by the previous roses, but other than that it shouldn't be difficult.


Now draw a small cluster of petals to our left that will be the fifth rose. Its is indistinct and behind the rest as it is further round the clump. This is our final rose for this tut.


Do the bottom, and part of the handle of the basket. The rest of the handle is hidden in all the petals.


Detail the basket adding wide square crosshatches and plaits in the handle and base to show the threading and weaving of the basket.Erase guides, colour and presto!Your finished!

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April 8, 2012

Description: Some rosy tutorials here! Have fun. Took me two days to complete this pic!

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