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How to draw a puppet on strings

Artist: soccer4342 / July 10, 2013
How to draw a puppet on strings

Step 1.

We begin by drawing simple shapes to outline each of the parts of the drawing; ovals for each finger of the hand, and basic lines for the stick figure.

Step 2.

Next, draw in the rest of the hand and get started on the frame of the stick figure. For the hand, be sure to use fluid strokes and pay attention to what you think a hand should look like, don't just try to copy what I have down, really think about i   

Step 3.

Now we begin to add a little more detail; add basic ovals for hands and feet of the stick figure and add some shading and detail to the hand.

Step 4.

Next we're going to add the rings around his fingers, and add strings to connect to the puppet. Take note that I connected string to each of the parts that would not be held up naturally by gravity.

Step 5.

Now simply erase the guide lines and vuala! Make sure to go over your drawing and make nice and smooth lines! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would appreciate ANY feedback :)

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Artist: soccer4342
Date Added: July 10, 2013
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Description: WELCOME to my very very first tutorial :) this is a tut on my recent post "Puppet Master." I would GREATLY appreciate any and all advice and comments as this is my first tut and I would love to improve :) Enjoy!