How to make an oriole


First, you have 2 options, you can have your oriole flying or it staying still, if you want it to stay still, only draw the orange and the blue, but if you want to have it flying, only draw the red and the orange. Just draw in ovals and triangles lik   


Next, make the belly of the oriole thinner (marked in gray where it used to be) and change the shape of the wings. Now, erase the edge of the wings, and make feathers.


Put in light and small scirbble on the belly and the head to give a good feather detail. Take note on the feet, one is red, one is blue, if you want it to be flying, make the blue claw like the red one, vice versa with the blue claw. Just add feather   


Here is what it should look like if it is stationary.


This is it with color, use shades of orange, black, etc.


If you want to give it a natural backround, fell free to make it stay in a forest, plains, etc.


Dont worry, i didn't forget to include the oriole while it is flying off, this is what it should look like.


This is what it is in color if you wish to color it.


And with the backround with it.

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March 27, 2013

Description: Hello guys, about 5 days ago, I tried to post this, but either me or the site got glitchy, and it got lost, but here it is ;)

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