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How to draw Ayumu Hoshino

Artist: melonfrosting / May 27, 2013
How to draw Ayumu Hoshino

Step 1.

Draw a circle and a line in the middle.

Step 2.

Draw a small roundish chin, it shouldn't be too far from the circle!!!

Step 3.

Draw this abstract shape for the eyes along a curved line.

Step 4.

Draw a mouth a little above the chin and then a nose. measure the head and go 6 heads down.

Step 5.

Draw a body almost 2 heads tall with a line in the middle, shoulder line on top and bottom line on bottom (just for measuring)

Step 6.

notice how long the upper torso is and the hips compared to the head measurements?

Step 7.

draw circles as the joints.

Step 8.

First draw the outline of the hair. notice it is above the scalp(circle of head). Also notice the hair poofs out to the sides.

Step 9.

hair details~ Make sure all the hair overlaps so it looks 3dimentional

Step 10.

Draw clothes.

Step 11.

erase. All done!

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Artist: melonfrosting
Date Added: May 27, 2013
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Tags: how to draw
Description: Ayumu Hoshino. How to draw him!