How to Draw a Peach

Artist: Cocoapebbles / March 25, 2023

Step 1.

Since this is going to be a really simple lesson, no guides are really needed. You can start by drawing the shape of peach.

Step 2.

Add the dimple on the side and then draw the stem and leaf. You will then draw and color in the eyes as well as the blush marks and smile.

Step 3.

Here is the line art. Now color it in.

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Artist: Cocoapebbles
Date Added: March 25, 2023
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Description: Hello there. Here is my second lesson for the day and I will end with something incredibly simple to draw. Here is how to draw a peach, step by step. Peaches are one of my favorite fruits when fresh. I'm not too fond of them canned or in pie. Another way this fruit is described is being a Georgia Peach. Thanks for viewing. Don't forget to like, love, fav, comment and share.